Russian Language Test Preparation

Headway Institute offers help with preparation for the Russian proficiency test: TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).The unified testing system is a means of measuring your language ability. Our credentialed tutors provide you with expert tuition and successful task-taking strategies to maximize results.

We run a specially designed intensive preparation course to give guidance to all of our students. We provide highly acknowledged resources and materials, alongside highly certified instructors. Our training programme uses modern and unique teaching methods which focus on all of the linguistic skills.

The test consists of 5 sections, in which our qualified tutors train to hone your skills:

  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing
  • Listening comprehension
  • Speaking

TORFL is designed to certify language competency according to 6 levels:

  • Elementary
  • Basic
  • First
  • Third
  • Fourth

The elementary and basic levels of Russian as a foreign language reflect the ability of a student’s basic communication skills and basic knowledge of grammar.

The first level demonstrates a higher competence allowing a student to communicate on a variety of topics including; social and cultural aspects and also to enroll in a Russian University.

The second level certifies an ability to work professionally in an environment where Russian is the preferred language.

The third level test means a higher command in communicative functions and it means that a learner may engage in professional activity in Translation, Journalism, International Relations, Management and other similar fields.

The forth level indicates the highest communicative competency and allows a candidate to work in Philology and teach Russian as a foreign language.

Students can benefit from enrolling in our course as you will:

  • Learn practical approaches
  • Practice exam techniques
  • Improve communication skills

For upcoming course dates please call our Coordinator at +971 4 3625313/17/19, or e-mail to [email protected].

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