• 24.11.2022

    Diana Martin

    I have completed my first level with my teacher Ebar, personally i highly recommend the institute and the teacher, professional and personalized teaching for my own way of learning.
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  • 27.10.2022

    Karen B.

    Msr Ebar is à amazing teacher, pushing because she knows I was learning fast. Pedagogical, structured and fun. Learning Arabic with her is smooth when the language is not so.
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  • 9.08.2022

    Tamara Al Shamari

    I want to thank Mrs. Dhikra at Headway Institute for making me fall in love with a language I struggled years to learn. Not only is she patient but makes learning something so intricate a piece of cake ! Looking forward to continuing future levels with Mrs. Dhikra. A note about Headway Institute- unlike other language centers Headway is home away from home. I met incredible people and hope to meet many more . Thanks for making this journey a pleasant one!
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  • 9.08.2022

    Mrs Fazal

    My daughter was not found of French language Initially but when she started taking lessons from Dhikra Rafrafi, her interest developed so quickly. Now she waits for the lesson to start quickly to learn more. Dhikra way of teaching made my daughter to love the language which is commendable. I would highly recommend adults or kids to take lessons from Dhikra Rafrafi.
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  • 21.06.2022


    I have been studying Arabic at Headway with Mrs. Ebar. She is an excellent teacher. Over the past year, I have greatly improved in all aspects of Arabic language, from speaking, to reading and writing. I would definitely recommend studying at Headway with Ebar to anyone who desires to improve their Arabic language skills.
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  • 16.06.2022

    Ebar Almousa

    I already finished two Arabic Courses with her, she is an outstanding Arabic Teacher. Now, my speaking and writing skills in Arabic improves a lot. I can easily communicate using Arabic language with confidence. Thanks to my mentor, her expertise in teaching is remarkable.
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  • 21.05.2022


    An excellent Arabic Teacher.
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  • 20.04.2022

    Olha Popova

    С большим удовольствием посещаем школу всей семьей для изучения английского языка. Прекрасная атмосфера, замечательный и отзывчивый коллектив и очень профессиональные педагоги. Будем вас рекомендовать! Спасибо!
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  • 23.03.2022


    I have been taking German private classes with Tetiana I would highly recommend the teacher and the institute. Tetiana helped me from the beginning and made the new language look easier to learn. Until last minute she did her best to support for my exams. Staffs in Institute too made the course as breeze experience.
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  • 7.12.2021


    I just finalized the Arabic Beginner 2 Class at Headway Institute. Ameera does an excellent job. She is highly engaging and explains everything in a very clear way. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.
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