сб-чт с 9.00 до 20.00, пт выходной


  • 25.03.2019


    Took IELTS preparation. The course was really beneficial, learned a lot!
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  • 2.02.2019


    IELTS course was really helpful: our teacher Mr. Aamir gave lots of extra information how to behave during exam, about structure of letters, most useful words and expressions for different parts of IELTS. Thanks for your job
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  • 2.01.2018

    James Hancock

    Остались самые положительные впечатления от уроков с моим преподавателем Эбар, которая научила меня говорить, читать и писать по-арабски! Собираюсь вернуться на занятия после лета!
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  • 21.12.2017

    Anthea Ayache

    Занималась арабским индивидуально и действительно многому научилась! Отличное соотношение цена/качество и замечательные сотрудники.
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  • 25.10.2017


    Did an English Intermediate course, enjoyed the classes, teacher, atmosphere.
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  • 9.10.2017


    Taking Spanish classes. I love it. Great teacher. Classes easy going with a good progress. Highly recommended!
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  • 9.10.2017

    Kamya Puri

    Thanks for inviting me for the Spanish Free Class, was very interesting and I had great fun. The teacher is fantastic, so clear about the teachings. Definitely, looking forward to joining the next batch.
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  • 7.10.2017

    Anara Aitysheva

    Thanks a lot for your professionalism! I strongly recommend this school. My son has been taking Russian classes for last 3 years and I see a real progress. It is important to know your native language and also there is possibility that we will go back to Russia in nearest future so decided to take these classes. Now I feel comfortable knowing that my child knows Ruaaisan on proper level and will be able to continue his education in Russian educational system if required. Thanks again!
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  • 2.09.2017

    Paul Crompton

    As most people know, the Russian language is HARD. I'm a big fan of Russian history and culture. So I decided to take two courses in Russian at Headway. They were well priced, the classrooms small and focused, and I learned a lot. It's not easy when you work a full-time job and THEN have to go evening classes. But it's definitely something I wished I'd started years ago. Highly recommended! Лиза, спасибо за все уроки! :)
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  • 25.07.2017


    Headway Institute is a highly reputed institute with an excellent faculty. I am proud to be one of their students. I fulfilled my dream to speak a Russian language in a short period. Thanks to Headway Institute!!
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