сб-чт с 9.00 до 20.00, пт выходной


  • 12.10.2016

    Alexander Gromov

    Best price/quality ratio, very professional staff, nice new venue and all the materials are included. Shukraan!
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  • 18.05.2017

    Anthea Ayache

    I took private Arabic lessons and learned a lot! Good value for money and wonderful staff.
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  • 16.05.2018

    James Hancock

    I have nothing but praise for my Arabic teacher Ihba, who was absolutely brilliant in teaching me to speak, read, and write Arabic! I will return after the summer!
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  • 24.10.2016

    Shadi Palabekhian

    I'm learning Russian language and very satisfied with the level I had reached , now my son also enrolled to learn Russian and he is getting evolving rapidly
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  • 15.08.2018

    Lol Dyke

    Headway offer good Russian language courses; the teachers are very professional. Everyone tries to accommodate the students variable timing requirements. The learning materials are good and the staff are very committed to providing a high standard of education.
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  • 2.09.2017

    Paul Crompton

    As most people know, the Russian language is HARD. I'm a big fan of Russian history and culture. So I decided to take two courses in Russian at Headway. They were well priced, the classrooms small and focused, and I learned a lot. It's not easy when you work a full-time job and THEN have to go evening classes. But it's definitely something I wished I'd started years ago. Highly recommended! Лиза, спасибо за все уроки! :)
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  • 15.08.2019


    Completed level 1 Chinese course with Joanne. Everything was professional and well handled. If not for some prior work, I would definitely enroll for the next level.
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  • 6.08.2019


    Школа,на высшем уровне. Все отлично организовано. Преподавание доступно и профессионально. Менеджмент всегда учитывает ваши замечания и график. Это очень важно. Молодцы. Рекомендую для всех.
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  • 21.07.2019


    Just Finish level 1 in Chinese (Mandarin) and enrolled for Level 2. Joanne is the best Chinese teacher I've met in Dubai as of now. she has a good level in English and a great way of teaching and transmitting the information in a standard Chinese accent. I'm really happy with our group improvement. As beginners we are learning at Headway institute in a way which is better than studying in China.
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  • 13.05.2019


    Just finished my beginners French course. I'm so glad, that decided to go to Headway! The classes were fun and interactive, we watched a lot of videos, listend to audios and held a lot of discussions. Was enjoying every class! Sabah is a true French and a true Teacher! Thanks to her and to all the staff of the school.
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