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  • 7.04.2019


    Very helpful stuff!! Helped me to organize the schedule of my classes. The course was very informative, now I can communicate in Turkish! Thank you!
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  • 15.04.2019


    Liked the classes! Turkish language is not easy but I enjoyed learning it in Headway Institute! Highly recommend this place
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  • 9.11.2021

    Arsalan Rasheed

    I am having a very good experience learning the Turkish language. The special role is of the teacher, Mrs. Kübra. She is one of the best teachers I have ever come across. She uses valuable material and examples to teach the Turkish language plus a lot of random tests in between are always exciting parts.
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  • 25.09.2018

    Muhammed Abdul

    Best price/quality ratio, very professional staff, nice new venue and all the materials are included. Shukraan!
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  • 15.10.2018


    Taking Italian classes. I love it. Great teacher. Classes easy going with a good progress.
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  • 30.11.2021


    I found this school very professional. I have started to learn Italian from Beginner level and after finishing I can lead a basic conversation in Italian! Highly recommend
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  • 2.09.2020

    Johnson Pereira

    Enrolled in A1 for Deutsch classes, finished 24 classes, and found the institute professional and dedicated.
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  • 25.06.2021


    A nice introduction to starting to learn German. The teacher is polite and professional and fun. It was good to have a shared online experience to be able to share learning and conversations.
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  • 13.09.2020


    I’m in a German level A1 course currently and would like to continue. For anyone whose interested in joining, this is the perfect institute to contact. The classes are well structured and communicative. The teaching goes at a steady pace and is designed such that one can take in information at one’s capacity.
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  • 24.06.2019


    I studied a 6 week IELTS course with Mr. Darren. His classes were well delivered and the objectives were broken down into easy to understand language. I gained confidence before my exam and managed to achieve the band I was preying for. Highly recommended and fantastic value for money .
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