Language classes in Horizon English School

Language Programs in Horizon English School 2021-2022

We are planning to start Languages instruction at school this academic year.

Please complete this form if you are interested in signing up your child for the Language Programmes. The groupings and the schedule will be made based on your answers.

There are 2 types of courses offered: mother tongue program (for native speakers) and Language clubs (for those who shall study a foreign language).The groups will be formed as per the kids´ age and level, a minimum number of participants will be required to start a batch.

Mother tongue classes will be arranged 2 times per week (60min classes) inside school hours/ after school for students who have to attend Islamic studies. The average price of the course is 5400AED for the academic year.
The fees may vary depending on the language, size of the group.

Language clubs shall be run after school once a week. The price per 60 min session is 115AED.

Additionally, we are planning to offer free Arabic lessons for the parents in the mornings. During the classes an instructor will also be able to advise on what is expected from their kids and how the parents can assist them with homework.

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