Spoken English Course

Communication is the doorway to all possibilities, and our spoken English course is designed to help students wanting to improve their skills and increase their confidence in every-day situations. The aim of this course is to develop learners' language skills through the communicative approach of teaching.

The module will explore a variety of conversation topics through interactive English speaking lessons, in order to raise students' awareness of real-life scenarios. Our native speaking tutors will provide learners with opportunities to practice speaking, both intensively and extensively through various group orientated activities.

Course aims:

  • to increase effectiveness in communication
  • to gain practice in expressing ideas more clearly on various topics
  • to learn how to participate in discussion using expressions and phrases

The programme is aimed at learners of any level, whether you are a beginner or advanced user of English our professionals can help to develop your practical skills. We offer the syllabus to young learners and adults, so we can tailor the curriculum according to your needs. If you are looking for group classes or private intensive classes, our specialists can assist you.

Students benefit from a native English speaking facilitator to help model language, gain exposure to pronunciation, accent and to speak english fluently yet accurately. Students are encouraged to interact with their instructors in order to maximise progression and speak confidently.

Some of the Spoken topics explored include:

  • Greetings & Gestures
  • Holidays
  • Free Time
  • Family & Friends
  • Shopping
  • Home town
  • Future plans
  • Environment
  • School/Job
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Travel

We offer a range of learning options all of which focus on your proficiency, we incorporate all necessary elements to help you achieve your objectives. With our programme you will learn the most essential grammar, phrases and vocabulary to equip your study journey.

Upon completing the course students will be able to:

  • Use the most appropriate speaking styles for different situations
  • Use complex structures and linking words when communicating
  • Understand and use idioms effectively and appropriately
  • Speak confidently

Enroll with us and showcase your talent to network, build relations and communicate with confidence.

Fees spoken english course in Dubai

Each course comprises 24 academic hours (45 minutes).

Group (4-8 people)

1 386 AED

Semi-private (2-3 people)

2 772 AED


3 780 AED

Please register online spoken English by filling in the form below or call our Certificate Programs Coordinator at +971 4 3625313, or e-mail us to [email protected].

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