Russian language
course for kids

The program is a perfect choice for native or bilingual Russian speaking children. It covers the essentials of kindergarten schooling and includes Language and Literature, Drawing, Arts and Crafts.

Free introductory

Primary and secondary school children can cover the basics of the Russian school program with Russian Language and Literature classes, celebrate national holidays and gain other insights into the traditional Russian culture

Our course is run in specialized groups which depend upon skills, level and age of your child. Our dedicated native teachers offer all the necessary support in learning Russian, such as:

School catch up sessions
Russion GSE / IB preparation

Our key feature to help our students to advance is to create the appropriate conditions for acquisition. A child benefits from

Visual aids

Physical and creative activity

Accessible material

Nurturing environment

At Headway Institute we pride ourselves on our proven and tested methodology when working with young learners.

Our approach to teaching is based on a multi-sensory strategy in which our curriculum utilises early childhood themes. In the group class each child will learn how to speak, read and think in the language. Folk stories, fairy tales, and literature will enhance their development in a fully immersive setting. For our older students, your teacher will focus on broader concepts, and place emphasis on your ability to write, and develop good grammar.

We offer group courses and individual classes


Advantages of studying at Headway Institute

Our curriculum is based on the classical teaching methods complying with the Russian Federation Standards of Education. In class we use authentic school books and classical literature for children (preschoolers). Our teaching processes are carried out by certified primary school professionals from Russia. Classes involve entertaining activities and cultivate love and understanding of the culture. We organize children's matinees, contests and theatrical performances. Children will also learn about traditional handicraft.

Select suitable type of Russian course

for Native speakers
for Billinguals
as a foreign language

I am...

Starting from zero
Studied language before

Choose the best option

Group course

4-10 kids
Choose course
Pay monthly online with a credit card (subscription)
for 60 min
for 90 min
for 120 min
Pay monthly to a personal manager
for 60 min
for 90 min
for 120 min
Pay per lesson to a personal manager
for 60 min
for 90 min
for 120 min


2-3 kids
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for 60 min
for 90 min
10 lessons, 60 minutes each
10 lessons, 90 minutes each


One on one
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for 60 min
for 90 min
10 lessons, 60 minutes each
10 lessons, 90 minutes each

Russian language for kids. Schedule for 2023-2024 academic year

THE First term
Saturday`s school will start on2d September 2023
The duration of the first term2d September — 29th December 2023
New Year Party 23d December
The second term will start on6th January 2024
The duration of the second term6th January — 29th June 2024
End of the school year Party29th June
The last class29th June 2024

We are running classes
in several international
schools in Dubai

Headway Institute also offers an excellent opportunity to provide language classes to schools. Our course can be integrated into the school curriculum, or as an extracurricular activity. Our course for the schoolchildren will be set at your school, and taught by experienced native-speaking Russian tutors qualified to Master’s and PhD level in linguistics and language teaching. We are running classes in several international schools in Dubai. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a course in your school.

Headway Institute is a great place for kids and adults to learn languages. My son last 3 years visit Headway to study Russian language. We are happy with his teacher and achieved results. Team is great and very professional. Strongly recommend Headway Institute to all Russian native speaking living in Dubai and wishing for their kids to keep Russian language.
Katerina Sventsitskaya, 2020-04-30
My both daughters took Russian languages classes during 2018-2019 school years and they really got a good knowledge and experience. For one year my youngest daughter 5 years old learned to write and read in Russian fluently. I’m very satisfied with institute work and teachers support. I recommend this institute.
Anna Prokhorova, 2019-10-07
My 8 year old daughter really enjoys her Russian lessons at Headway, the classes are engaging, interesting, and even though it's been only 3 months here for us, I see the progress in my daughter's writing, reading and vocabulary. I highly recommend the Headway Institute.
Natalia Kyselova, 2020-06-07
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