Regular Portuguese Courses

Learning Portuguese at Headway Institute will help you develop your Portuguese language skills, meet new people, study a new culture and traditions all while having fun at your classes. Our teachers will support you throughout your course, monitor your progress and give you feedback.

We focus on the communicative approach and it is our goal to encourage you to speak as quickly as possible. You will develop your vocabulary, learn useful phrases and expressions for everyday life and train your conversational skills.

Our Portuguese courses are designed for different proficiency levels and each student can choose a program they are comfortable with. This ensures that learners can study at their own pace, feel comfortable and maintain the consistency required for successful language learning.

All courses are conducted by professional instructors who are native speakers of Portuguese. During the lessons, the students are introduced to Portuguese culture and traditions which helps improve the understanding of the language.

You can choose between face-to-face and online learning modes. We offer group courses (up to 8 participants), semi-private courses (2-3 participants) and individual classes. If you are ready to sign up for a free trial class, please get in touch with us.

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