Russian for Specific Purposes

Whether you want to read Anna Karenina mystified and charmed by Russian romanticism or work in Oil and Gas industry with Russian partners, we are here to offer you a customized course prepared just for your needs.

We will walk you through and teach you how to deal with cultural differences, how to adapt to a Russian speaking environment and moreover how to use Russian language to your advantage.

Understanding the language means not only learning grammar and words, it means understanding the people and their mentality.

For years, The Evil Soviet Empire was hiding behind the Iron Curtain only to impress the rest of the world with the best Hockey players and scare it with its superb military power. This place does not exist any more. But who were the ordinary people who lived there? That era did influence modern Russia to the great extent, forming a collective mentality and shaping the modern consciousness of the Russian people.

This and many other questions may be discussed during our specialized course of Russian for specific purposes.

Students taking this course are usually at upper intermediate to advanced level in their Russian studies and want to focus on a specific field of knowledge.

This course is usually taken in a private or semi-private format. Each educational module is developed by an instructor and discussed with the student prior to the course commencement. Student’s comments and remarks are taken into consideration before finalizing the curriculum.

Russian for Specific Purposes module usually consists of 12 lessons of the following structure: introduction to the subject – general language – specific language and business etiquette – practice - test of acquired knowledge.

Each area is taught by a certified instructor with the highest of educational credentials, experienced in a particular filed of knowledge.

Let us know your goals and we will help you to get there!

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