Corporate Swedish Language Courses

Headway Institute offers corporate courses of the Swedish language. We believe that knowledge of foreign languages connects people, eases business communication and empowers understanding between nations. Learning a language as a team promotes collaboration and helps the participants bond while acquiring new skills.

Our Swedish corporate curriculum is focused on the needs of your company. In the preliminary meeting, learning objectives are discussed with the course coordinator and instructor. The content of the course program can be tailored to a specific industry: oil and gas, hospitality, medicine, construction, engineering etc.

Why Headway Institute for corporate language learning?

  • Certified native-speaker instructors with years of experience in teaching Swedish
  • Customized curriculum to suit the learning goals of your company
  • Flexible schedule and location: classes can be conducted either at the Institute or your office
  • Dedicated course coordinator who gathers feedback from the students and teacher and monitors the course progress at all times;
  • Competitive prices and packages

We offer the following types of courses:

  • Regular Swedish Courses: from beginner to advanced;
  • Conversational Swedish: targeted at everyday communication on a variety of topics;
  • Business Swedish: course covering business-related communication;
  • Specific industry course: customized course with intensive vocabulary practice.

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