Languages at Raffles World Academy - F.A.Q.

1. How is the fee calculated? How many classes are supposed to be done in a year?

The fee is calculated and fixed for an academic year for 36 weeks - it´s 5400 AED (for 2 classes 60 min each a week) or 2700 AED (for 1 class per week). The amount of classes can vary from year to year, however the annual price remains the same.

2. Are the classes during school holidays included in the price?

The classes during school midterm, winter and spring breaks are not included in the annual price.

3. Where can I make the payment?

In order to make the payment, kindly approach the RWA school cashier desk. The payments are accepted in cash or by cheque. You will be requested to fill in a paper, kindly indicate a kid´s name, surname, grade, payment for mother-tongue course.

Once the payment is done, please send the photo of the receipt to us via email or Whatsapp.

In 2020 the RWA administration has also allowed us take the payments directly. The easiest way to pay for the course is through the payment link by card.

4. Can the payment be made in parts? When am I supposed to make the payment?

For students signing up at the beginning of the school year we normally offer to make 2 installments with the same amount (2700 aed each for 2 classes per week or 1350 aed each for 1 class per week).

The 1st installment is to be done before the 1st session. The 2nd one - by the start of semester 2 (January).

Kindly note that the payment is split in equal parts only for your convenience.

Normally more classes are done in the second semester, therefore the price for students joining from January will vary.

5. Can a kid join classes in the middle of the course?

Yes. For students who join in the middle of the course we deduct the classes they missed by the 1st session attended from the annual price. The approximate price for 1 missed class (60 min) is 75 AED.

6. Do you offer make-up classes/refund for the classes missed due to the kid being sick/personal reasons/school events/force majeure?

In such cases make-up classes, refunds are not offered. The annual fee was initially calculated considering the possibility of such cancellations, therefore the price of our classes is considerably less, compared to the market prices.

In case of class cancellation from our side, we will offer a make-up session/credit to the next semester/year for you.

7. How the classes shall be arranged during Ramadan?

For Ramadan period we try to negotiate with the school and arrange the classes in the school premises with different schedule, offered by school staff. In case we are not allowed to arrange the same, we are offering to run the classes in our office in Knowledge village, choosing the best possible timing for the teacher and the students. In case you are not able to bring your kid to our places, the money for the month will be credited to you for the next year.

8. What happens if the batch gets dissolved from semester 2 due to not reaching min number of participants?

For those students who have paid for the whole year we can make a refund or offer a credit note (for the remaining classes)

For those students who have paid half of the year`s fee no refunds are offered.