Language courses at Regent International School F.A.Q.

Language courses at Regent International School F.A.Q.

1.How can I send an inquiry? How are the groups formed?

The inquiries are mainly collected through Google form (you will get a link for the same). During the assessment period we are analysing the inquiries and form tentative groups considering the students’ age, level, program needed.

A group can start on getting at least 4-5 inquiries of matching age, level, program needed.

Once we receive a minimum number of participants, we are contacting the parents and offering to enroll.

If you wish to get the updates about the progress of collecting a batch for your child, kindly contact us:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +971521203278

Phone: +97143839210

2.How can I register for the course? How is the payment taken?

In order to register you need to complete the payment (on getting a prior confirmation from us about starting a group). The payment is to be done directly to us. You can either complete it online by card or through bank transfer.

The payment is taken by terms in advance. Kindly note that all the fees are non-refundable.

3.Can a student join in the middle of the course?

Yes. For students who join in the middle of the course we deduct the classes they missed by the 1st session attended.

4.Do you offer make-up classes for the classes missed due to the kid being sick/personal reasons/ unexpected school events /force majeure?

In such cases make-up classes are not offered and the classes are not to be refunded.

In case of class cancellation from our side, we will offer a make-up session/credit to the next term for you.

5.What shall a student bring to class?

All necessary materials shall be provided by us. The students are requested to bring 2 notebooks, and stationary. Sometimes a teacher asks to bring A4 folders to store print-outs, you will be advised on the same after several lessons.

6.What if my child (his class) is put on quarantine and cannot attend the offline class?

You can ask the office to connect the kid to the class online. Kindly do the same well in advance
(1 day) so that the teacher could bring a laptop and arrange a Zoom meeting.

Unfortunately, no make-up sessions/credit notes can be offered. In case the whole group was quarantined we can either cancel the lesson and offer a make-up session or run the class online.

7.Are there siblings’ discounts?

We are offering 10% discount for families with 3 kids attending our group classes.

Important notes

Learning process. Materials

We are striving to keep the same teacher throughout the whole course. However, in exceptional cases we reserve the right to replace an instructor.

We kindly ask you to make sure your child is doing homework (if any) and does not miss classes as it will affect the outcome of the course. If you haven´t received homework in WhatsApp chat/email and the kid does not have notes on the same, please contact us.

If you wish to get some feedback on your child's performance please do not hesitate to contact us. Normally the teachers are preparing students´ reports twice a year .

Please let us know if you wish to focus on certain things during the course, get less/more homework, etc.

The parents are not allowed to attend the class in order to keep the students´ attention. Exceptions can be made for kids under 5 years old for no more than 15 min.

Other students can join group classes for trial sessions in the middle of the course, however only those who fit (according to the teacher) will be accepted to proceed in the same group.

Online classes

For online lessons we are using Zoom platform. Once you are registered for the course you will get a link, login and password.

In case a student does not connect to the class and the teacher informs us on the same in due time we do our best to reach the parents. However kindly note we do not oblige ourselves to remind about the class and ask to connect once it’s started.

In case the teacher is using a certain book during the lessons you can ask the office to print a copy for your child free of charge. Once ready you will need to pick up the book from our office.


Please note our working hours Monday - Friday - 09:00-20:00, Saturday, Sunday - 10:00-19:00

Kindly note all the messages we receive in WhatsApp are marked as Read on default (however it does not mean we actually read them). There might be a delay in getting a reply in WhatsApp due to the large number of messages, please feel free to drop a call in WhatsApp to bring attention +971521203278

For urgent matters please call the office +97143839210

Special conditions

In case your child has special medical conditions/allergies, etc. we kindly ask you to inform us about the same before the start of the course.

If you are strongly opposed to your child being photographed/recorded in class please let us know in advance (kindly note that we always ask for prior parents’ permission before posting any materials in social media, websites, etc).

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