Swedish Language Courses for Kids

At Headway Institute, we understand the importance of developing linguistic skills from an early age. Being able to speak multiple languages is an advantage which your child can use in their future. We offer Swedish language courses for all levels of proficiency: from beginner to advanced. Our institute also offers Swedish as a Mother Tongue Program where children and teenagers can learn Swedish as their first language and get familiar with Swedish literature.

All classes are taught by native speakers of Swedish with extensive experience in teaching Swedish to young learners. Our professional instructors understand how children acquire languages and, therefore, arrange classes in such a way that the students are constantly engaged in educational activities which are fun and interesting.

Swedish courses for kids can be delivered face-to-face or via live instruction online. Both modes of delivery have proven their effectiveness and are widely used in modern language learning. During the classes, learners are involved in reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises. Each student receives support and feedback from the instructor.

Children can study in the following forms of learning:

  • Groups: 4-8 students;
  • Semi-private: 2-3 students;
  • One-on-one: private tuition.

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