Language classes in Raffles International School

Mother Tongue Programmes at RIS 2022-2023

We are glad to inform you that we shall resume Italian, German, and Swedish courses at RIS next year and we are also planning to introduce more languages.

Please note that French, Spanish, and Hindi courses shall be arranged separately (by the school, other providers, or parents' communities).

The classes shall be offered either inside school hours or after school. The choice will depend on the number of interested students, grade sections, students´ level, and on their current timetable. A minimum number of students is required to start a batch (the batches will be formed considering the students´ age and level).

The tentative starting date is the second week of September, however it will be confirmed individually on getting enough inquiries for the group.

The course is offered for an additional fee, payable to the provider Headway Institute.
The price for the whole academic year (2 sessions per week) is 5040AED.

Kindly complete the form below if you are interested in enrolling your child, please fill in a separate form for each kid.

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