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French Language Courses For Kids

At Headway Institute, we created a special program to suit the needs of young learners - French for Children. Our dedicated teachers support and encourage students throughout the course while keeping in touch with their parents and updating them on their kids’ progress.

Learning French is not an easy task for children - whether they are learning it as their mother tongue or a foreign language. Our language center offers both programs to accommodate various learning needs of students. Groups are formed with age and language proficiency in mind. All classes are taught by native speakers of French who have years of experience in teaching the French language to children.

Our main goal is to create a friendly and motivating atmosphere where every child is given an opportunity to learn new things, have fun and discover interesting facts about the French culture and its traditions. During the lessons, children are taught important aspects of the language such as grammar and vocabulary. They are trained on the basic communicative skills - speaking, reading, writing and listening.


Live Online/
HI Office

Course Duration
Schedule Age Course Level Price
HI Office
October 2021-
July 2022

3-4 y.o. For native speakers Payment by term
75 AED per class
HI Office February-
July 2022
Tue 17:00-18:00
Fri 9:00-10:00

6-9 y.o. As foreign from zero Monthly payment
105 AED per class
LIVE Online
October 2021-
July 2022

8-10 y.o. For native speakers.
Grade 3 French curriculum
Payment by term
112 AED per class
LIVE Online January-
July 2022
Wed, Thu

7-11 y.o. As foreign from zero Monthly payment
79 AED per class

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