Online Swedish Language Courses

Join the Live Online Swedish course at Headway Institute and learn Swedish from the comfort of your home. We offer online lessons for all ages and levels of language proficiency: from beginner to advanced.

Our lessons are devoted to developing communicative skills which can be applied to everyday situations. During the sessions, learners are engaged in discussions, dialogues, reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. Our devoted instructors with years of experience in teaching Swedish as a second language make sure that every learner receives sufficient support, attention and feedback.

Benefits of our Live Online Swedish lessons include:

  • Accessibility: access anywhere, from any device connected to the Internet;
  • Course program: discover our curriculum specially developed for the virtual classroom delivery;
  • Interactive and engaging environment: students can participate in discussions with their group mates and receive feedback from the teacher in real-time;
  • Easy-to-use virtual classroom platform with high-quality real-time video and audio;
  • Cost and time effective solution where quality is maintained.

For more information about online courses please contact our coordinators.

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