Arabic speaking classes in dubai

Arabic language is a widely spoken language in the world. More than 420 million people speak this language throughout the world. Arabic varies from country to country and spoken Arabic can be very different from Modern Standard language. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is a language of media, education and literature in Arab world. In everyday life within the family spoken Arabic is used much more often.

Our Institute offers courses in both spoken Arabic and MSA. All our teachers are native Arabic speakers with high qualified profile. In our institute we are teaching wide range of Arabic language levels: from absolute beginner to advanced, three different forms of study: group, semi-private and private. Each of these classes has its own advantages and you can choose the most comfortable way of learning Arabic language for you. All our courses are devoted to develop speaking activity. We start with letters of Arabic alphabet and basic grammar such as system of Arabic pronouns, idafa construction, genders and numbers. Each course includes speaking practice in most popular Arabic dialects: Egyptian, Gulf dialect, Jordanian and others. After finishing our courses you will speak not only spoken Arabic but also MSA which will allow you to watch Arabic television. Also, you can learn Arabic free.

Course fees

Each course comprises 24 academic hours (45 minutes).

Group (4-8 people)

1 320 AED

Semi-private (2-3 people)

2 640 AED


3 600 AED

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Please register online by filling out the form below or call our certification program coordinator to learn how to speak Arabic in Dubai on +971 4 3625313, e-mail: [email protected].

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