Arabic learning in English

If you are looking to study Arabic, choose our unique method at Headway Institute where we adopt a comprehensive approach to learning through English. We have developed a course to teach you difficult phonetics, with transliteration to help our learners produce simple words and phrases.

Our course is useful for learners wanting to familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of the language. Learning with us will allow you to speak basic Arabic, and our learners can benefit from English translation. Our primary goal is to help our students acquire the use of basic sentence structures for speaking using both audio and visual resources.

We cover a broad range of sections of learning aspects of the language in English:

  • The alphabet and numbers with transliteration
  • Vocabulary, including basic words with English translation
  • Introductory information of grammar
  • Basic conversations

The course is delivered by experienced native tutors who also have advanced acquisition of the English language. The course focuses on dialogues, interaction and conversations to ensure better mastery of the script and pronunciation.

Upon completing the course students will be able to:

  • Exchange greetings and introduce themselves
  • Talk about mundane topics
  • Form simple but grammatical sentences

Course Fees

Each course comprises 24 academic hours (45 minutes).

Group (4-8 people)

1 386 AED

Semi-private (2-3 people)

2 772 AED


3 780 AED

Please register for learning in arabic online by filling in the form below or call our Certificate Programs Coordinator at +971 4 3625313, or e-mail us to [email protected].

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