Easy to learn English

At Headway Institute, we believe that the best way to learn English is to combine conversational practice with all-round development of communicative skills.

Our center offers a wide selection of the English courses suitable for any level of language proficiency. Students of all levels are welcome to join our classes and improve linguistic competence.

From the very first classes of the foundation stage, students are introduced to easy to learn English phrases which are useful in everyday conversations. Our instructors use proven basic English learning methods in order to help students overcome the most common difficulties.

We understand the importance of communication and we offer the communicative courses that help learn basic English in no time. Beginners will grasp easy English grammar and vocabulary and will be encouraged to apply these skills during the classes.

Our language center provides a variety of language acquisition methods to help you master English quickly:

  • Group classes are a type of in-person learning where all participants are engaged in conversations and can practice their skills through interaction with each other.
  • Semi-private or small group lessons provide a more personalized approach with a certain degree of flexibility in terms of curriculum and timing.
  • Private or one-on-one tuition allows the student to adjust the programme based on their linguistic and communicative needs.
  • E-learning can be a great solution for someone who requires distance-based lessons due to the busy schedule or frequent travel.
Join our free trial class, enroll in our courses and learn English easy.

Course Fees

Form of studyPrice for 1 level (24 academic hours)


3 780 AED

Semi-private (2-3 people)

2 772 AED

Group (4-8 people)

1 386 AED

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