English language Courses for foreigners

Headway Institute invites everyone to join our English course for foreigners. The main goal of the course is to enable conversational skills and improve understanding of the language.

Being fluent in English will help you communicate with people around you, become more confident in approaching daily life situations and while traveling around the world.

Not being able to speak a language might be daunting at times but our experienced instructors will support you every step of the way. Enjoy learning English in a motivating and dynamic environment under the supervision of professional teachers who are native speakers of English. Our group classes gather learners from all over the world so you also get a chance to know more about different cultures and their traditions while learning English at the same time.

Our main goal is to develop the essential conversational skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. We focus on communication because we want our students to start speaking or improve their English abilities as quickly as possible.

We offer various modes of training based on the students’ requirements:

  • Group classes: groups of up to 8 students. Group classes enable students to practice communication during the lessons.
  • Semi-private classes: small groups of 2-3 students. These classes are more tailored to the communicative needs of the participants and are more flexible in terms of schedule.
  • One-on-one classes: private tuition course where the student has the ability to focus on their own linguistic goals.

Get in touch with our coordinators and join our English course for foreigners.

Course Fees

Form of study Price for 1 academic hour (45 minutes) Price for 1 level (24 academic hours)
Private 158 AED 3 780 AED
Semi-private (2-3 students) 116 AED 2 772 AED
Group (4-8 students) 58 AED 1 386 AED

Please register for a course online by filling the form below or call our Certificate Programs Coordinator at +971 4 3625313 / 17 / 19, e-mail: [email protected].

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