Russian as a foreign language

Headway Institute now offers courses in Russian as a foreign language to non-native speakers. Our training programme has been designed to meet the requirements of our corporate clients and individual learners. So whatever your level our highly qualified teachers are able to develop a custom tuition plan for your needs.

Our primary goal is to provide all of our clients the highest quality teaching services including:

  • A personalised approach with the utmost consideration
  • Flexibility
  • Innovative and proven methods

The course is oriented towards anybody with the desire to enhance their knowledge and command of Russian. Our centre provides many courses to satisfy your interests and unique learning styles. Our highly structured, developed and intensive curriculum promises easy acquisition. We offer many study programmes all of which can be tailored to your ultimate goal.

Simple conversation:

  • Pronunciation
  • Situational vocabulary
  • Conversational grammar

Russian for Business requires a profound study of:

  • Specific work-related vocabulary
  • Business etiquette in Russia
  • Business related skills

Russian for academic purposes requires a comprehensive study of:

  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Combined communication skills

Our preparatory course for the test of Russian as a foreign language is well established among our native experts. Our teachers understand the challenge posed with learning a foreign language and therefore our group class sizes are kept small and we facilitate all areas of development for the test:

  • Reading competence
  • Writing competence
  • Oral competence
  • Listening competence
  • Structural competence

The torfl testing system is characterised into six categories:

  • Elementary
  • Basic
  • Intermediate (1)
  • Advanced (2)
  • Proficient (3)
  • Fluent (4)

We offer many educational services to our students all of which allow our learners to gain a good command of the language, culture and literature. All of our students are provided with course materials and resources to accelerate learning.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our staff, and that is why our syllabus is designed to get you the best results in your exam. We can help you focus on exam content, expertise for various areas and strategies to help you to succeed in your chosen exam.

So if you’re looking to improve your language education, join one of our courses which has been developed to help you succeed at any competency. Learn the language in an immersive environment with experienced teachers and helpful staff.

Course Fees

Each course comprises 24 academic hours (45 minutes).

Group (4-8 people)

1 386 AED

Semi-private (2-3 people)

2 772 AED


3 780 AED

Please register online by filling in the form below or call our Certificate Programs Coordinator at +971 4 3625313, or e-mail us to [email protected].

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